• Treats Inspired by Rescue Pups

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Welcome to my store!

Our Vision & Mission

Everything we do and are is centered around finding homes for dogs in rescues and shelters. We produce quality nutrious treats always and only presented through the eyes of a shelter or rescue dog. Every product sold features a rescue dog and their story. We hope to inspire families to include visiting a shelter or rescue when considering adding a fur member to their family.

Elijah's Journey

To Those Who Rescue...

Why We Exist

Our reason for being has equal weighting between providing nutritious, tasty treats for your pets and bringing awareness to the joy of adopting rescue and shelter dogs. We plan to accomplish both by insuring only the finest ingredients are used in creating our treats and by featuring adopted rescue dogs and their stories on each bag. We look to be a community outlet for sharing your pet's journey from rescue house to furever home.

Visit our FB page of the same name to share your rescues' story.