Helping the Homeless - Human and Canine

The situation with overcrowded shelters has become dire. Video of the homeless dogs in crates barking and visibly sad and scared is too much at times to bear. Tthere has to be a solution. What can we do as a community? I was driving home a few weeks ago and saw a homeless man asking for money. Right or wrong, I always give some to them if I have cash on me. I barely crack the window for safety and wish them luck. Many say I shouldn’t because they feel they’ll use the money for drugs or alcohol. Maybe so, but it’s not my place to judge them. Life is hard. I can’t pass by without helping. But it got me thinking…why can’t we build hotel type buildings with large modern kennels on the property to house the homeless - both human and canine?  Conditions for residency would be they would need to work with and care for the dogs during their stay. They could go through a training program to teach them skills such as grooming, pack walking and even how to become a dog trainer. Education is so vital here. In this case it would not only provide housing for both species, but life skills to help the homeless humans find work or start a business, all the while, the dogs would be loved and cared for until they are hopefully adopted. It teaches kindness and compassion. You’d probably see less animal cruelty as a residual factor. Obviously it would require funding but all programs do. If we can convince leaders it’s worthwhile, so much good could come from it. What do you think?  What ideas do you have to help provide a solution?